The Husk

Well, my friends, I’m back in Adelaide and shooting my hometown again. Japan was a blast, but it’s awesome to be back amongst the city I know and love.

Soon after my return home, I heard, through the usual Adelaide grapevine, of a colossal structure that was wide open to passersby. Not wanting to miss a fresh opportunity, a friend and I went to check it out.

A lot of people often ask me how I get into places, and how to get started with exploring. This site was a perfect example. A huge, monolithic thing, which is so boring and bland on the outside that people don’t give it a second glance. Look closer though, and you’ll see the doorways that, well, don’t even have doors fitted yet, allowing you to stroll right in. In most cases, it’s just about taking the time to check places out that most people drive straight on by without another thought.

So. This structure is really large, but really repetitive so not ideally suited for photos. Still, it was a cool little dive into a damp, dusty concrete piece of infrastructure, and well worth the quick look. Everything was freshly poured concrete, but covered in a layer of dust from continued work. Metal fixtures held lights, and PVC piping ran throughout presumably to drain or pump water.

Because the thing serves a certain purpose, walking through it was like walking up a very slight hill, with a vast, dark tunnel ascending away from us. Interior lights were on at seemingly random points.

Telltale signs of council workers were abundant; safety vests, scraps of discarded PVC and of course - used Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee cartons.

A great site, and an awesome setting for a scene in a thriller or action flick!

- As usual, this post is left pretty vague because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble or put anyone at risk. Thanks for understanding.